Why You Need Content

You’ve got a gorgeous new website, unique services and an interesting founder’s story. But that’s just half the battle. If you’re hoping to show up in search rankings, you’ll need to create fresh content on a regular basis. Why, you ask? Three simple reasons: 1. Great content cultivates loyal customers  Inspire. Engage. Inform. Great content […]

Engage customers with CRM strategies

Important for consumer-facing businesses, CRM stands for customer relationship management. You can engage, inspire and build long-term relationships with your customers — and subsequently grow your business — through effective CRM. Here’s how: What are CRM strategies? It’s all about building brand awareness through multiple touchpoints. Marketing campaigns, newsletters, advertisements, blogs, surveys, giveaways, social media… these […]

How to Build a Press Kit

There are no hard rules when it comes to building your press kit, except one: It should clearly communicate your brand’s unique selling points, useful background information and essential facts. Wait, what’s a press kit again? Let’s start with the basics. A press kit is a collection of information – a general press release, founder […]