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Kate Springer

Founder and Director Kate Springer is an experienced journalist and editor who has written about everything from top-secret chefs’ tables to mountain climbing in Oman, high fashion, sustainability and social enterprises.

As a journalist, Kate’s work has been published by more than three dozen publications, including CNN, Conde Nast Traveler, Vogue, BBC, National Geographic, Travel & Leisure, Sotheby’s, Tatler, and Forbes Travel Guide.

Arming clients with invaluable editorial insights, Kate and her team of writers, editors, designers, photographers and translators strive to create clear, impactful content that adds value for both our clients and their customers. 


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Don’t just listen to us. Here are what people say about us.

Don’t tell Kate this, but ever since she started as Forbes Travel Guide’s go-to Hong Kong correspondent in 2012, she’s easily been one of our most reliable contributors. Her stories are not only succinct and crisp but they’re filed in a very timely fashion. That combination makes her an integral part of our editorial team. But on top of that, she has a let’s-get-it-done attitude that this editor wishes more writers had.

Managing Editor of Forbes Travel Guide

I have worked with Kate Springer for the past eight years. Most recently, I hired Kate to write for Liv magazine and edit My Hong Kong Wedding Magazine, which she has been managing since 2016. Kate is a phenomenally talented editor and writer, and has always displayed excellent judgment, stellar writing and editing skills, and an admirable work ethic. She is organized, proactive, talented, and an excellent ambassador for the company. She will be a great asset to any organization lucky enough to have her onboard.

Publisher of Liv Media Limited

We were so thrilled to start working with Kate Springer as a freelance travel writer and destination expert. The experience has been only positive thanks to her expertise, insight, and enthusiastic approach to working on projects.

Managing Editor of Essentialist Travel

I’ve worked with Kate for about half a year now in my capacity as the editor for +852, the inflight magazine for Hong Kong Airlines, as well as its previous incarnation, Aspire. Kate is an excellent publishing professional: she’s always brimming with great ideas and is resourceful in securing the right experts and interviewees for a story. Not only is her copy always clean, she knows how to adapt her tone to fit the style of the publication and is thorough at addressing edits where needed.

Editor of +852, the inflight magazine for Hong Kong Airlines